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Virtual Conferences

Due to the COVID situation, I have, in the past 2 weeks, been approached by several people whose conferences are being cancelled asking me for advice on how to organize a virtual conference. For the past 7 years, I have … Continue reading

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Divide by Zero! and Other Propaganda

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this incredible moment in history. In trying to wrap my head around it, I’m turning to what I know best: programs, programming, and software-intensive systems. And their flaws. This is a mini-essay … Continue reading

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As a computer scientist specializing in programming, the social consequences of software-for-business-efficiency are worrying me more and more. Here at home, we’ve been having a conversation about what post-capitalism would look like in the face of quasi-universal automation, in the best … Continue reading

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House of C(ards)

How many more security flaws do we need to go through before people accept the fact that almost all of them have a single root cause: the use of C?

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The Future of Conferences

I’ve seen the future of conferences. And it runs my code!

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Design and Implementation of a Virtual Collaboration Environment

Some time ago, 2 of my PhD students were facing the prospect of going away to do their research elsewhere for a few months. In both cases, and for different reasons, it made a lot of sense for them to … Continue reading

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Simulating a City

For the past 4 years or so, in my spare time, I have been working with a small start-up company, Encitra, whose goal is to help cities and real estate developers make sustainable urban plans come to life in the … Continue reading

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The Single Most Important Thing

What is the single most important feature of a programming system without which you can’t write programs effectively?

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Vandalism Detection in Wikipedia

If you have to develop a classifier for detecting vandalism in Wikipedia with just a small number of features, what kind of features give the best results? According to our latest work on vandalism detection in Wikipedia, to be presented … Continue reading

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