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Lab Cloudet: IT at Lab Scale

I’ve been a Professor for almost 13 years. During these 13 years, I have seen investment in routine academic IT infrastructures decrease steadily, while at the same time being encouraged/pushed to use commercial infrastructures. Academic administrators seem to be mostly preoccupied with … Continue reading

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Jedi Masters

Quote from an email I received from a prospective PhD student: I get the impression that if doing a PhD is really going to help push me forward on this, I’ll have to be working closely with people from that whole … Continue reading

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The Null Professor

This is a post about CS education. It is prompted by a series of posts by Mark Guzdial in which he criticizes the pervasive belief among CS educators that when it comes to programming, there’s not much an instructor can … Continue reading

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My Residency at Hacker School

I just came back from a week at Hacker School in New York — they invited me to join them as a resident. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and, before I forget, here are my impressions and a bit of … Continue reading

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Code Golf Style

I have been meaning to put a few of the chapters of my book here. The Code Golf Style is one of my favorites; fun too, and a crowd pleaser! I’ll start with it. Here is the complete Code Golf chapter. … Continue reading

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Optimizing OpenSimulator, Part I

Back in September, I blogged about one of the the most amazing conference experiences I ever had, the OpenSimulator Community Conference (OSCC’13). This was a 2-day, purely virtual conference with a total of 360 attendees, held on an OpenSimulator virtual environment … Continue reading

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Exercises in Programming Style

I’m happy to announce that my book Exercises in Programming Style is now available for pre-order from Amazon, and that it will be shipping starting June 9! This is the book behind the talks I gave last year at StrangeLoop … Continue reading

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House of C(ards)

How many more security flaws do we need to go through before people accept the fact that almost all of them have a single root cause: the use of C?

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New Words

I’m officially making up these new words, because they correspond to activities that I do on a regular basis and that I need to convey to my students. I hope that by giving these concepts their very own words, they … Continue reading

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That's bad, do it better

One of the most brutal things to adapt in life after college is the sheer amount of feedback, criticism and rejection that come with real life. This happens in just about any direction one decides to go: graduate school, industry, … Continue reading

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