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"Tagide" is a Portuguese word that denotes nymphs of the Tagus river, in Portugal. They were most famously invoked by poet Luis de Camões in his Lusiadas epic.

Welcome to my personal web site! I have a few more out there, but this one is my truly, honest personal web site that is neither associated with my employer nor with other activities that I am involved with.


You can check my academic achievements over on that other page. One thing my professor-self doesn't expose is my passion for actually producing software systems that work and that are used by lots of people. As an academic I confess I almost feel the need to hide the fact that I like building software things that people use... That fact isn't hidden here.


I am one of the co-inventors of Aspect-Oriented Programming, and one of the original designers of the AspectJ programming language. More recently, I'm a core developer, and one of the main architects, of OpenSimulator, a platform for massive online 3D virtual environments. I'm the person behind the screen name "Diva Canto" in the OpenSimulator community. (As proud of being Kudos 9 as I am proud of being Erdos number 3)


Most of my projects are hosted in Github, although some are private and others are hosted at UCI.


I'm completely uncapable of feeling passionate for only one thing at a time. I enjoy doing lots of things. In the past, I had a singing career of sorts, the highlight of which was being a member of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus when I lived in San Francisco. That Chorus was/is the most finely tuned emsemble I have ever experienced. Imagine 100 people cutting the final 't's and 's's of words at exactly the same instant, for entire pieces! Quality, like the Devil, is in the details. Performing with Michael Tilson Thomas and some of the star performers who visited the Symphony was an incredible experience! I miss it. I also miss the Portuguese Gulbenkian Choir, where I sang in the few years before coming to Grad School in the US. Unfortunately, living where I live now, and refusing to commute long distances, my singing career now consists of entertaining my children and guests.